Sperm Donation: A priceless gift

When we think of Christmas, we think of giving and of family. It is for this reason that we would like you to think about sperm donation.

sperm donation priceless gift

Sperm donation is one of the most priceless gifts someone can give.

It is giving hope and granting someone’s dreams.  It is, as one former recipient put it, ‘bringing joy into a dark place’.


Many recipients of sperm donation would never have the chance to have a family without donors. They usually have no other medical or technological solution. Although, adoption is often suggested, improved social and economic conditions mean very few children (less than twenty a year) require adoption. This includes adoptions from overseas.

Sperm donation provides the benefits of having a genetic child – including the possibility for genetic and biological siblings. It is about more than genetics however. Sperm donation provides couples with more than sperm. It provides them with children. It provides the experience of parenthood – the joy, the laughter, the frustration- right from the very first positive on the home pregnancy test.

sperm donation gifts

Who can benefit from sperm donation?

  • Couples with male infertility; 1 in 20 men have fertility problems involving low sperm, 1 in 100 have no sperm at all.
  • Couples where the male has a personal or family history of a genetic disorder; People who have experienced serious genetic disorders in their family often wish to ensure that this disorder is not passed on to their children. These couples may be unable to use other technological solutions due to:
    • Genetic reasons: in particular the specific mutation causing the condition in their family may not be known
    • Religious reasons
    • Ethical Reasons
  • Single women
  • Same sex female couples

If wished, sperm donors may place conditions on their donation indicating for whom their donations may be used.


Who can be a sperm donor?

Any man can donate sperm provided they are:

  • Aged 18-50
  • In good health
  • Have no known genetic conditions
  • Willing to be identified when children resulting from the donation reach the age of 16

sperm donation gift of life

More information about sperm donation is available on our website or you can contact us via email (ben@kimr.org) or phone (6457 2008) to get this information directly.