Sperm donors

Sperm dshutterstock_139386272-smallonors provide a valuable service to many couples who are unable to have children.  

Couples who require sperm donation usually have insufficient healthy sperm to conceive naturally. Other reasons for seeking sperm donation are  a need to avoid a genetic condition, being a same sex female couple or being a woman who is not in a relationship. Many of these people would be unlikely to have children at all without sperm donation.

In WA we are limited as to how many families one sperm donor can donate to and as such there is always a need for donors.


Want to be a donor?

If you are aged between 18 and 50 years of age, in good health and have no known genetic conditions, you may be eligible to be a donor.

See our other page for more information about the process or contact


Previous donors

Prior to 2004, sperm donors were anonymous. Privacy changes since then are not retrospective, there is no automatic release of identifying information.

People resulting from sperm-donation can benefit immensely from information about their biological heritage.  As such, we would like to encourage previous donors to consider sharing some information about themselves via the voluntary registry.   The information given is at the choice of the donor and is non-identifying.  Identifying information will only be shared when all parties consent and have undertaken RTC counselling.

For more information see the RTC fact sheet.


As a donor, you also have the right to know non-identifying information about the outcome of your donation. You can find this information by contacting us or the Reproductive Technology Council.