shutterstock_96294323-smallCouples may have difficulty in falling pregnant for a variety of reasons. We provide clinical services for both male and female fertility problems.

A referral in both partners’ names is required. Referrals from a GP are valid for 12 months, specialist referrals are valid for 3 months.

Fertility Analyses
At your initial appointment a variety of laboratory tests and investigations (such as semen analyses or hormone analyses) will be ordered in order to determine the reason for your fertility problems

Fertility Medications
We give medications for ovulation inductions. These may be oral medications or injection therapy.

Cycle tracking with timed intercourse
Blood tests are taken to measure hormonal levels and intercourse is advised at the appropriate time.

The cost of fertility treatment varies depending on the exact treatment that is required. Government rebates are available for some treatments. Contact us for a cost sheet of services.