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New Treatment available for Peyronie’s disease

By Stuckey • April 20th, 2016
New Treatment available for Peyronie’s disease

We are now able to offer a new treatment to men with penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disase. Xiaflex, a newly approved medication, works by dissolving the curvature causing plaque. It is the only clinically proven treatment to significantly decrease the degree of curvature, aside from surgery. The medication is injected by a specialist directly into the plaque and is given over a series of 4 treatment cycles. Each cycle includes two injections, at least 72 hours apart. Our treatment is provided by one of our men’s health specialist team, including Dr Neil Palmer who participated in the first trials […]

PBS changes to testosterone treatment

By Stuckey • October 28th, 2015

In April this year, the PBS made changes to who can receive PBS for testosterone treatment. These changes are due to uncertainty about the significance of low testosterone in older men and concerns about over-prescription in this setting. Prior to these changes, testosterone could be prescribed by GPs however now prescriptions for testosterone therapy require validation by an endocrinologist, urologist or member of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. This means that a patient will need to see one of these specialists and the specialist needs to agree that this treatment is necessary and meets one of the indications, […]

Testosterone supplements

By Stuckey • June 10th, 2015

Low testosterone is not as common as supposed by the media. It is considered that testosterone occurs in approximately one in 200 men under 60 years of age and one in ten older men. The presence of low testosterone however does not necessarily mean that treatment is required although in some cases it can help in the restoration of good health. A doctor, preferably a men’s health expert, should make the determination as to whether testosterone replacement is needed. This is because the benefits of testosterone supplements are often overstated and testosterone supplementation when levels are normal can be harmful, […]

Premature ejaculation: Its not in the mind

By Stuckey • November 19th, 2014
Premature ejaculation: Its not in the mind

Premature ejaculation is a highly misunderstood condition, with most people believing that it is due to psychological factors. In the past, premature ejaculation was considered to be due to too much masturbation, too little sex or psychological issues including hidden hostility towards women, passive aggressiveness, or an unresolved Oedipal conflict. These theories, which placed blame on the sufferer, contribute to shame, anxiety and other psychological problems. Treatments based on this may also cause the condition to worsen as anxiety contributes to the maintenance of the condition. New evidence however links premature ejaculation to a variety of different physiological mechanisms including […]

Well Men’s Health Checks

By Stuckey • June 11th, 2014
Well Men’s Health Checks

    A well men’s health check should be an annual event for any man, particularly anyone over the age of 50. Although you may see your GP when you are sick or to get a new script, in a busy modern practice a through check up can often be forgotten. Unfortunately this means that your risk factors for many medical conditions are growing unchecked as well. In our study on men with pre-diabetes, we found 10% of men who previously considered themselves healthy had either pre-diabetes or diabetes. Pre-diabetes, like many other conditions can be reversed before it turns […]