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After Menopause: Combating the middle age spread

By Stuckey • October 14th, 2015

Menopause, also known as ‘the change of life’ or ‘the change’ is a natural event in a woman’s reproductive life. Usually occurring between the ages of 45-55 years, in Australia the average age a woman reaches menopause is 51-52. Menopause marks the end of ovulation and monthly menstrual periods, which can be either a liberating experience or a cause of sadness, depending on your viewpoint. Some women can experience early menopause naturally, due to surgery, primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), or after certain treatments for cancer. The physical and emotional symptoms experienced during menopause are caused by a reduction in oestrogen, […]

What’s in your herbal treatment

By Stuckey • August 12th, 2014
What’s in your herbal treatment

So often people are taking herbal remedies for menopause, for fertility or for erectile dysfunction and don’t know exactly what is in them. In this month’s Australian Family Physician journal there is a cautionary tale. A patient seeking fertility had been prescribed multiple herbal preparations by an Ayurvedic herbal practitioner.  She presented with shortness of breath, palpitations and joint pains. She was found to have a serious anaemia and an analysis of the herbal preparations revealed high levels of lead, mercury, arsenic and chromium.  She required chelation therapy to “mop up” the heavy metal levels in her body and the […]