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We are always looking for new participants for our research studies.

Most of our research is focused on testing new medications for the treatment of diabetes, hormonal disorders and sexual disorders or devices for the management of a health condition or to fulfil a health related need (e.g. contraception). Even if we do not have a study available for you right now we may get one soon.

Your participation in this research can help many other people with your condition by providing a more effective treatment option. You can also benefit directly through the trial medication and through the thorough medical care you receive by being on a trial.

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Prediabetes/Impaired Glucose toleranceDiabetes type 2Diabetic neuropathyLow libidoOveractive bladderPolycystic Ovary SyndromeEndometriosisFemale Orgasmic disorderLow testosteronePremature ejaculationErectile dysfunction


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