Jigsaw now the ‘go-to’ for donor conceived families

The Keogh Institute was established in 1983 by the late Professor Ted Keogh. Professor Keogh established the first sperm donor service in Western Australia for families where the man’s sperm count was zero or too low for natural conception. The legislation surrounding the anonymity of sperm donors has changed over the years and the ability of donor conceived children to be able to find their biological father and/or half-sibs has also changed.

Now in WA, donor-conceived people born after 2004 can access information about their biological parent when they turn 16, whilst anyone born before that year can only access data through the Voluntary Register. The Voluntary Register was set up in the 1990s to link donor offspring with their donors.

This year the Department of Health transferred the responsibility for assisting donor-conceived adults from the WA Reproductive Technology Council to Jigsaw, an organisation which has a long track record of supporting adopted children find their biological parents. Jigsaw coordinates with the Keogh Institute to deliver these support services for donor-conceived people.

If you are a previous sperm donor, a donor-conceived person, or a parent of a donor conceived child under the age of 18 and wish to join the Voluntary Register or wish further information contact Jigsaw on the link below