Directions to Keogh

At the Keogh Institute, we have been watching carefully the medical advice on COVID control in Western Australia. In view of WA’s excellent border control, we have opened the clinic to face-to-face consultations in C Block.  However, if for reasons of health, you need to have a phone or video consult please contact our clinic nurses, Peta or Natalie on 6457 4403 to arrange this.

Option 1 : Direct with Stairs

Option 1. If you can climb stairs, the quickest and easiest way to access the clinic is to cross at the pedestrian lights on Hospital Avenue in the front of C Block, veer right, and go up the outside stairs at the front of C Block, along the balcony and enter the door right at the end. The corridor will take you towards the clinic.  If you have difficulty ring Janette on 6457 2008.

Option 2: Lift Access

Option 2. If you need to use a lift the only way is to turn left at the pedestrian crossing, go past B block, turn right down Hovea Lane to the end, turn right again into the long corridor, turn right again into the back entrance of Ward C 16 and come up the lift to the 1st floor.  If you get lost ring Janette on 6457 2008 for directions.