Don’t forget sperm storage in male to female gender transition

At the Keogh Institute we believe that every person has the right to procreate.

Transsexual people undergoing gender transition to their desired gender undergo hormonal and surgical treatments. These treatments can lead to the irreversible loss of their reproductive potential. In particular, the process of hormone therapy is known to decrease fertility. In male to female transition, the number of viable sperm reduces gradually. Within a few years of treatment there will be no detectable sperm and  ultimately this will become irreversible.

As people are undergoing gender transition earlier the issue of the effects of this treatment  on their fertility is becoming an even more pressing one.

The Keogh Institute provides transsexual women, undergoing a male to female gender transition, the ability to store their sperm. Ideally this should be done prior to the start of hormonal therapy. These stored sperm can later be used for IUI or IVF procedures in the female partners of transsexual women. This provides people with the opportunity to create a genetic family in a situation where this would not normally be the case.

This is particularly important considering the high levels of discrimination and harrassment that transexual individuals may experience throughout their lives. Considering the barriers that transexuals experience in accessing education, employment and travel, options such as adoption are very difficult to access. As such, sperm storage may provide transexuals and their partners their best opportunity for a family.

We are the only sperm storage centre in WA not attached to an IVF clinic. Undergoing sperm storage in an environment almost exclusively filled with couples may make people feel uncomfortable or distinctive in what is already a sensitive situation. Our endocrinologists and clinical staff are highly experienced with gender transition and are focused on providing the best possible experience.

Our experienced endocrinologists can provide hormone therapy for both male to female and female to male gender transition.