Volunteers needed to investigate the link between coeliac disease and osteoporosis

Researchers at the Keogh Institute for Medical Research are looking for volunteers to help them explore the link between coeliac disease and osteoporosis.

People with coeliac disease are known to be at increased risk of osteoporosis due to their poor absorption of nutrients. There is little known however about the effect of coeliac disease on osteoporosis and its treatments once it has developed. This may mean that people with osteoporosis and coeliac disease are being given inappropriate treatments or that their bones continue to deteriorate despite treatment. To help to fill this gap, the Keogh Institute is doing a survey on the experience of people undergoing treatment for osteoporosis, both with and without coeliac disease, in order to determine if the experiences differ.

More volunteers to complete the survey are still required; anybody with osteoporosis can participate.

The survey can be found here.