The outcome of sperm donation

Sperm donation is a wonderful gift to give a couple. Sperm donations are only used if the male has insufficient healthy sperm to create a pregnancy. As such it provides a couple with the only possible way for them to have a pregnancy and, aside from adoption, the only way to have a child.

Many sperm donors are interested to find out if their donation ever resulted in a pregnancy. Although we know whether the donations resulted in a pregnancy and are often contacted after the baby is born. We often do not hear much more after that. So we were delighted to receive this message from one of our past patients.

“On Australia Day 1997 I was inseminated with donor sperm at the Keogh Institute, as my husband at the time was infertile. We were both in a very dark place as we both wanted a large family. We went for a donor closest matching my ex-husband’s features and background.

We only did it the one time…

9 months later our gorgeous daughter was born with no complications at all in a natural birth. This was a miracle for us both as we thought we would never have children.

This year my baby girl turns 17. She is very much the scholar; she is currently in year 11 and doing really really well. She is also an excellent soccer player and plays in a high level team. I’m so proud of the gorgeous young lady she has turned out to be.

 My daughter is the only child for my ex husband as after he saw what I went through he decided he couldn’t allow another person he loved to go through the same thing. Honestly I didn’t mind the procedure at all, I looked battered and bruised and that hurt a bit with the blood tests but the end result is priceless. Even though we divorced it had nothing to do with him being infertile, he still is to this day a very loving father who spends as much time as he can. The part about him not being her biological father has never ever come up.

Thank you to everyone at the Keogh Institute for making it all happen so many years ago, I will always be eternally grateful.”