Staying Healthy after Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer treatment

The men’s clinic at the Keogh Institute has expertise in managing health after treatment for prostate cancer. Whether prostate cancer has been managed with surgery or radiotherapy, erectile dysfunction is often a post-treatment problem. The main cause of this is usually damage to the nerve supply to the penis, which can be unavoidable.   Early management is better than late management and is often called “penile rehabilitation”.  This may consist of oral medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra but sometimes requires injection therapy.
Prostate cancer surgery or radiotherapy may sometimes be followed by medications which turn off the production of testosterone – called “androgen deprivation therapy”. This can have widespread effects on metabolism including a fall in bone strength, weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and a rise in cholesterol. Preventing all this and maintaining metabolic health requires a multi-faceted approach.
The Keogh Institute follow Australian guidelines developed to optimise health after prostate cancer treatment.  For information or an appointment to see one of our Men’s Health doctors please ring 9346 2008 or email