Sperm Storage

shutterstock_131209856-smallSperm Storage

Sperm storage allows sperm to be preserved in liquid nitrogen for the preservation of fertility. It is also sometimes required as part of the process of fertility treatment.

It is often used by:

  • Men who are about to undergo treatment that could affect their fertility such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery.
  • Transexual women undergoing a male to female transition
  • Men who are about to have a vasectomy
  • Men whose partners are undergoing fertility treatment
  • Men who are assisting a couple undergoing fertility treatment

We are the only sperm storage centre in WA not attached to an IVF clinic. Some people find that this means they have a more comfortable, discrete experience.

If the sample is required in the future, we can provide intrauterine insemination or the samples can be transported as required for insemination.

Legal Requirements

It is necessary to re-consent every five years in order to continue storage.

Samples can only be stored for a maximum of 15 years. Storage can be extended past this time with permission from the WA Reproductive Technology Council.

If we are unable to contact you at these time points we are legally obligated to dispose of your samples. For this reason we ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact details by emailing

$400 for storage of first specimen. This includes storage for the first year.
$250 annual fee for continued storage
$100 for any additional specimens
No medicare rebate is available for sperm storage. Payment plans are available.

The annual fee ($250) can be paid via direct debit by following the link below. This link will take you to our signup page hosted by Westpac. You do not have to be an existing Westpac customer to use this page.
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